CBI Editorial: The Year of the Anti-Hero

Comic Book Illuminati

By Ashayla Webster

For centuries good has battled evil. Dark versus light. For years we have cheered on the hero, the strong, brave protagonist, the ideal of who we should be. The villain has worn black, the hero in white. We have booed, we have been scared and we have condemned the antagonist, the villain, the most rotten of cores in society. Then there is the anti-hero; a complex character, neither bad nor good, playing jump rope with the lines that were once not crossed. These characters are often iconic, think Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Michael Hall’s Dexter Morgan, Han Solo’s Harrison Ford. These men and women are flawed, not the shining beacon of a hero, but not evil and so cannot be assigned to the role of villain. They are more human, more like you and me, more relatable.

The 21st century media has seen a rise in these…

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