Dear Instagram Seller


Dear Instagram seller,


Thank you for your kind words on my image. Why yes, that meal was very tasty and thank you, I was feeling pretty good after that workout. What’s that? You want me to check out your account, the account that you’re using as a shop to advertise and sell your designer weight loss product? I’m curious to what part of my Instagram feed made you think that I may be interested. Is it because I post a lot of images in regards to health, fitness, food and fashion? Or is it simply because I’m a woman? Is every woman so obsessed with their weight and size?


Dear Instagram seller, I understand that you are running a business, but I find your tags and requests to try your product a little insulting. Perhaps many of your customers know little about health and fitness, about food, calories, macros, exercise plans etc, but I know a little something something. That tea you are trying to sell me, it has senna in it. Yes senna is a natural ingredient, but it is also a laxative. It irritates the stomach lining. As much as I find eating disorder jokes distasteful, is diarrhoea the new bulimia? Forcing my body to rid itself of food not ready to leave, causing me to lose electrolytes and unabsorbed nutrients, does not seem healthy. Continued use of your product could actually lead to my digestive track needing it to function. Are your customers aware that this is what you are selling them? An addictive and possibly dangerous trend that is simply not needed if they exercise and eat a healthy diet.


Dear Instagram seller, why is “weight loss” always mentioned. Have you seen my images? Have you read the tags? I’m trying to gain weight. I want to put on muscle. I’m tiny. If I consulted my doctor about your product his eyes would widen and he would gasp. Lose weight? Are you nuts?! Regardless of my own weight, how many women do you say this to? How many women do you so cleverly suggest may benefit from your product in the form of losing a few kilos? Are you so desperate to sell your product that you would belittle and manipulate women? Ok, that was probably a silly question.


Dear Instagram seller, I do not agree with this tactic of yours. I do not believe in destroying the confidence of others or spreading such poor views of body image and health. If you truly loved ‘healthy’ as much as you claim to, you would not advertise the way you do. You would not use products that could lead to future harm, you would not encourage practices that could lead to illness, you would not claim a simple pill, drink or wrap is the be all and end all of health and fitness, you would not tell women on the internet that they need to lose weight and you would be honest about the products you sell, honest about their contents, the risks, drawbacks and ability to actually do what you claim.
Dear Instagram seller. I am not interested in your product. Thanks for stopping by.



Ashayla Webster


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