CBI Editorial Exclusive: The Nice Guy in Jessica Jones

Here’s an article I wrote about the character Killgrave in “Jessica Jones”

Comic Book Illuminati

By Ashayla Webster

Recently I have been binge watching the Netflix series “Jessica Jones”. Mostly, this show is a revelation. It’s portrayal of female characters is varied; it’s detailing of trauma and recovery honest and it all round hits the ball right out of the park. Truly, “Jessica Jones” is a step in the right direction for women in comic books and female fans. The true star for me however, was David Tennant and his portrayal of the villain Killgrave. Whilst there is so much I could venture into, so many elements that make this show the stand-out and feminist forward movement it is, the character of Killgrave struck me the hardest.

I’ve always been terrified of the Joker; a psychopath whose evil deeds stem from nothing but his own desire for chaos and misfortune. Killgrave though, Killgrave is someone more terrifying. His deeds come from his own selfish desires…

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