Writing Prompt: New Skin

Should I change my skin for just one year, live in the body of another, taking on the life of a man would be my choice. Yes it is a cliché, but think of the sociological and scientific impacts. In the skin and mind of a man I could understand sexual desire in a foreign form. How does man perceive the female form? What thoughts drift through the male mind? Does a penis really grow hard for no reason? Sex, even masturbation, would be interesting to experience as a man perceives.

Consider health and nutrition. Would “the pump” be easier to achieve with a higher level of testosterone coursing through the body? The natural higher level of aggression and strength would surely serve as an aid when lifting weights. The famed male hunger would surely be something to behold. How would a medium rare steak smell to a man hungry from physical exertion? How would the muscles feel under the skin, stronger, leaner, larger? How much easier would toilet breaks be after leg day as a man does not need to sit? The ultimate pleasure in health and nutrition though, would come once a month, when my uterus would normally cry and spasm, as a man I would not experience this.

Human interaction would be another area of study. Without breasts there would be no ‘distraction’ during conversation. Or would I constantly be waylaid by the bouncing bags of fat strapped to a woman’s chest? Would the desire for sex cause me to misunderstand the words and actions of a woman, or would I understand the difference between a ‘nice guy’ and a truly nice man? Would random people attempt to grope me as I dance? Would I receive catcalls and wolf whistles when I walk down the street, or would I be the person performing these?

Is it in the integral part of the male make up to be lewd, crass and sexually driven, or is it all choice? Boys will be boys, as they say. To be a man for a year, but to keep the memories of my female life, the thoughts and feelings of my female mind, but to experience life as a man as well. That would be an experience.

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