Writing Prompt: Be the Change

To think that my random mutterings, musings and ramblings could make a difference to anyone’s life, let alone the world, is beyond comprehension. There is a great deal of my life that I dedicate to helping others, be it entertaining children as a Disney character, chatting online to those who find me entertaining, distracting a friend from their issues or the other charity work I undertake, but writing, that’s for me.

I love writing, and though I rarely share my work, until now, it’s a form of meditation for me and I am quite proud of every piece that I finish. I doubt the inspirational nature of my dribbling, but I suppose if someone finds anything I say to be inspirational, I can only smile, thank them and hope that inspiration is used for the benefit of others. I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I strongly believe that one act of kindness can turn a person’s day around. This positivity is paid forward to another, that person pays it forward again and soon positivity is spreading like the common cold, just more pleasant.

If this blog can spread some pleasantry or encourage others to take up that dream, help a few people in ways large or small, I would be happy.

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