The Year of Me


New Year resolutions are often abandoned. We enter the New Year with a determination to achieve these resolutions, but we discard them as soon as they conflict with the usual. We grow lazy and decide to skip that gym session, or we figure that one more glass of wine won’t hurt, and soon we’ve fallen back into our old routines, resolutions lost. We make these resolutions to better ourselves, but, as per usual, we are our greatest adversary.

I do not make resolutions. I set myself goals. Goals are plans; they’re a direction I want to head or items on a list to tick off. In primary school, a teacher taught me to set goals. She explained their function and how they could benefit me. The practice quickly became a habit. Some work best with large pictures, but I work better with small victories. I like to tick each box as I go along, each one a means to an end.

I entered 2014 with the over-all goal of looking after me. The years leading up had been difficult and I had lost sight of me, I had neglected my mental and physical health and well-being. 2014 was about stabilising me. Physically I gained weight and strength. Internally I cleaned up my diet and forced myself to push away the negativity that clouded my mind and emotions. Mentally this positivity allowed me to return to my studies and secure a full time job. Financially I began to cover the debt sudden unemployment had left me with. Spiritually I calmed myself, sought my center and planned for the future. 2014 was the year of me.

2015, the year of the goat, my astrological year, will be the year of happiness. Not just for myself though, but for others as well. I enjoy seeing people happy. I enjoy making them happy even more. In 2015 I aim to allow myself happiness, to seek out happiness and to spread that happiness with others. Whilst I’d love to give my mother the restaurant she’s always wanted, whilst I would love to gift my father his greatest desires, whilst I’d love to buy my sister a little apartment and build my partner’s dream gym on the back of a property we own, they are not goals I could obtain anytime soon. It’s important to start small to create big.

This coming year I will work to finish my degree, practice my writing more often and share my work (hence the rebirth of this blog), travel, spend more time with my family, save for my house and volunteer. I will work to build my charity to help those in need, I will finish another book for the charity and bring smiles and cheer to as many people as I can.

2015 is the year of happiness and I am looking forward to it.


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