Review: One Day

One Day, 2011

 One Day is the story of two people, Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, and their continuing friendship. The movie showcases St Swithin’s day over a twenty year period and is based upon the novel by David Nicholls. The novel seemed to centre mostly upon the character of Emma Morley and her growth, but in the movie adaptation it is most certainly Dexter Mayhew, played by Jim Sturgess, who steals the show. In fact a lot of Emma’s scenes featured in the book are excluded from the movie and her true persona never really comes to life. Anne Hathaway’s performance was drab to say the least and it was not because of her poor attempt at Yorkshire accent but because she lacked any sort of chemistry with her co-star Sturgess. The lack of sexual tension between the two could confuse a viewer who has not read the novel. Because of the nature of the film, seeing one day of a year, it is very fast paced and the emotional angst that the books holds is lost in the short five minute scenes. It is my opinion that the movie should have been a great deal better than it was. The emotions were distant and the sentimentality of the piece was reliant upon the two main actors. Whilst the book was witty, the movie really had that overall sense of sadness to it and even the moments when you would smile, it was tinged with that impending doom. I didn’t really find enjoyment in the movie until, spoiler alert, the death of Emma. Finally Jim Sturgess was given the spotlight and he plays the role of father and widower extremely well. I am assuming that older generations will appreciate this film more than I am able to as I am still in my early twenties, which is when this film begins. Older generations, who have experienced love, loss, children, broken dreams etc will most certainly find more meaning in this romantic piece. Perhaps, when I am older and wiser and full of these experiences I will rewatch One Day and feel those tears that it was undoubtedly supposed to shed. For now, One Day is a nice little piece to watch on a rainy day.


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