Review: Haven

Haven is a resurrection of the old syfy channel, so if you enjoyed the shows of old such as The Twilight Zone and the X-Files, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Though the main characters, uptight, by the book Fbi agent Audrey Parker and laid back, non-plussed Haven deputy Nathan Wournos, have been seen numerous times before, the rest of the story is quite creative. I feel the script can be a little boring and tedious at times, but the actors do a good job of making it more entertaining with their delivery. The chemistry between the main characters and Duke, a resident of Haven, are also very enjoyable. It’s by no means a humorous show, though it has its tongue in cheek references to other syfy series. It is more of a suspenseful drama mystery. The pace of the first season is a little slow to begin with, but once you start to realise you’re being fed clues, it picks up and becomes a great deal more engaging. The citizens of Haven, a small seaside town in Maine, are troubled, they have strange abilities and all manner of hell breaks loose when the troubles begin. It falls to Audrey and Nathan to help the residents whilst Audrey searches for the truth about her past. If you’re a Stephen King fan, it is actually based off his story the Colorado Kid. All in all, it’s a pretty enjoyable series.


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